MHI 594 20 hs

Developed for manufacturers of large and medium-sized motors.

Many large asynchronous and synchronous induction motors and generators are used in environments where conditions are harsh and the performance of the encoder is vital for the control of the motor. This new inductive encoder model was developed based on needs specified by leading heavy duty motor manufacturers with years of experience from various heavy duty industries.

Use of inductive technology extends the encoder’s lifetime in harsh operating conditions. The technology also makes it possible to make the encoder smaller and lighter compared with conventional heavy duty encoders while maintaining comparable or enhanced performance.

This model can easily be mounted to the machine on the motor which enables the manufacturer to standardize their mechanical interface toward the encoder.

  • Improved lifetime compared with conventional ø58 mm encoders

  • Smaller and lighter, but with performance comparable to traditional heavy duty encoders

  • ø20 mm hollow shaft

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