Hub for confidence

Plain component or hub for motion control? Heavy duty encoders of today grow to be more clever, more useful, and yet they demand less space. Compact, competent and compatible – tailored to all requirements for automation and drive systems. And most importantly – they do their job.

Meet the Leine Linde encoder solutions for motion control systems. Collect high-resolution speed or position data at the moment of motion, to achieve the most efficient motion control, no matter how harsh the working environment is.

Clever functionalities and efficient fieldbus connectivity support very short cycle times. An incremental encoder can not only register speed, but control it, with help from integrated software and programmable relays. This will simplify control and may reduce the complexity of the system.

Attention to detail and a compact design makes every encoder easy to integrate mechanically, electrically, and in terms of data transmission. Construction makes it durable and worthy of your trust.

Overspeed – programmable speed switch

Leine Linde’s programmable speed detection system features relay switches for immediate speed control.

Dual output encoders

Many of Leine Lindes encoders come with dual output for twin incremental and/or absolute signals. Space saving!

Connectivity matters

Leine Linde provides a variety of different incremental outputs, absolute interfaces and systems for diagnostics.