MZI 594

– Developed in collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers

Wind turbines, with encoder applications such as generator speed feedback, often comes with specific challenges. The turbines are often installed in hard-to-access locations, where encoders must endure really rough conditions.

This type of inductive incremental encoder was developed based on what wind turbine producers have kept on asking for: long lifetime, minimized impact on performance due to environmental conditions and ease of installation and commissioning.

The result is an inductive 58 mm incremental encoder in a bearingless design.

  • Superior lifetime due to bearingless design
  • Sliding shaft arrangement to compensate for thermal impact
  • Scanning quality is unaffected by humidity, dust and other contamination
  • Immune to electrical or magnetic fields due to the inductive scanning technology
  • Compact (ø58 mm x 45 mm) and very easy to install correctly

With the use of inductive scanning, the encoder can deliver high resolution - up to 8192 pulses per revolution - with high accuracy and unaffected by humidity or contamination. Its lifetime is not restricted by wear on the bearings. The bearingless design also make for a very compact solution. The unique sliding shaft design automatically compensates for movements of the generator or motor rotor shaft caused by thermal expansion.

All in all, this encoders is a very robust 58 mm encoder that will keep on doing its job year after year, with or without your attention. It is one of our future “silent” heroes.

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