Ex-proof incremental encoders, shaft sizes 25-100 mm

With their robust construction and non-contact scanning, these encoders work without wearing down, also when subjected to vibrations, moisture, salt water, dirt, warm or cold temperature, or shock from strong mechanical forces.

Our Ex-proof encoders are certified for use in hazardous areas, zones 1 and 2/22, where an explosive environment may occur. Our Ex certifications include:

  • ATEX (Europe)
  • UL-listing (North America)



To secure production uptime, add ADS Uptime, which provides monitoring of the encoder functionality as well as tracking of environmental parameters such as vibration, shaft speed, frequency, temperature, and supply voltage to enable condition-based maintenance of your machinery.

Ex-proof MRI 2854

The explosion-proof magnetic MRI 2854 encoder comes with a sturdy enclosure and a perfect fit for easy mounting onto standard NEMA 8.5” C-face motors.