Rotary encoders for Ex environments

Find the right encoders, with long service life and the right certifications for hazardous area operations. Benefit from Leine Linde’s thorough knowledge of built-in diagnostics and condition monitoring to reach an unprecedented uptime and production efficiency. Any production interruption results in high costs in all the fields where we work – and this is why we make no room for surprises or unexpected failures.

The encoders are made with top quality in every detail, from choice of bearings to electronic components, and they go through an extensive quality control. Quite simply, they are built to maintain uptime and performance of machines such as top drives, draw-works and mud pumps. Enclosures, flanges and shafts are flameproof and corrosion resistant.

Ex-proof absolute encoders

The ATEX- and IECEx-certified stainless steel absolute encoder models 647 and 648 are available …

Ex-proof incremental encoders

The ATEX- and IECEx-certified incremental encoder model 841 in the 800 series uses High-Current HTL …

Ex zone 2/22 encoders

A wide range of encoders from Leine Linde is ATEX-declared for zone 2/22 …

Approved supplier

Leine Linde is a pre-qualified supplier in accordance with the Achilles supplier lists FPAL & JQS.