700 Compact

Compact yet robust encoder to cope with high mechanic stress

Robustness in a compact design are the key words for the 700 series. With its short build length, it is designed for filling the need for heavy duty encoders even in installations where space is limited. Despite its compactness, the series is nevertheless designed for the tough environments where typical Leine Linde products are used.

The encoders are available with large hollow shafts up to 25.4 mm. The series also includes many other shaft variants that cover the market’s standards for both inch- and millimetre-based dimensions. On the electronics side, there are several incremental interfaces to choose among.

Technical data 
Diameter 100 mm
Vibration 200 m/s2
Shock 1500 m/s2
Shaft load radial 100 N
Shaft load axial 50 N
Encapsulation level  IP66
Temperature Variants up to -40 .. +100 ºC