700 Compact

Compact yet robust encoder to cope with high mechanic stress

The 700 series is designed to withstand the toughest of challenges while at the same time being small enough to fit in tight spaces. With its short build length, it is perfect for installations where space is limited.

Made for the sea

Thanks to its increased resistance to salt air, salt water, high vibrations, and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), the 700 series is suitable for use in marine and offshore applications.  

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) has tested the 700 series and approved their use for ships, offshore units, high-speed vessels, and light craft. For example, the encoders are suitable for use in machinery spaces, control rooms, pump rooms, holds, and more. 

Modular design

Our innovative products and solutions can always be tailored for your specific requirements. We have a wide range of electrical interfaces to choose from. The encoders are available with a multitude of different shaft variants that cover the market’s standards for both inch- and millimetre-based dimensions.

Technical data  
Diameter 100 mm
Vibration 200 m/s2
Shock 1500 m/s2
Shaft load radial 100 N
Shaft load axial 50 N
Encapsulation level  IP66
Temperature Variants up to -40 .. +100 ºC