ADS Online

Industry 4.0 encoders for predictive maintenance.

ADS Online is a condition monitoring solution, integrated in Leine Linde encoders, which simplifies the step into Industry 4.0.

With the advanced diagnostic system ADS Online, the encoder’s functions are expanded to encompass several sensors in one. The multi-sensor constantly reads off the levels for several environmental parameters in its surroundings, including vibration, shaft speed, frequency, temperature, and supply voltage.

The system conducts automatic analysis of each detected deviation in the encoder. Depending of the seriousness of the faults, the encoder warns for risk of failure due to harmful environmental conditions, and signals for when to check the installation and correct deficiencies. Making maintenance predictable!

Detailed logs for operational and environmental parameters are provided, and can be analysed by the included software or in the system of the users’ choice. This is how to build Industry 4.0 – from the level of components and upwards.