4000 Linear

Robust linear absolute encoders

Unlike other encoder solutions for roll gap regulation, the new Linear 4000 series from Leine Linde will not need to be installed inside a cylinder. These robust linear encoders are easily accessible for installation and service – and they provide absolute position values.

These encoders for linear measurement fit the most demanding industrial environments and are very appreciated in steel mills and other processing industries. Length measuring and roll gap control becomes easy and reliable thanks to the very accurate absolute position values received from robust inductive scanning, withstanding shock, heat and vibrations.

Leine Linde’s 4000 series can be mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder. It does not need separate air compression or air filtering.

Technical data               
Scale length 0-140, 0-200, 0-260 mm
Vibration 100 m/s2
Shock 2000 m/s2
Encapsulation level  IP67
Temperature -10 ºC... +80 ºC
Interfaces EnDat 2.2/SSI