Linear encoder RLA 4200

Absolute linear encoders with inductive scanning

The absolute linear encoder models RLA 4200 from Leine Linde are principally plug-and-play units! With their robust design, solid encapsulation and disturbance-resistant inductive scanning, they work without problems in demanding steel and metal industry applications. 

The absolute scanning enables these linear encoders to start without needing time to define their position after a break – neither when first taken into use, nor after planned or unplanned stops. They are fast and extremely reliable in operation. 

Quick and easy mounting

The Linear RLA 4200 encoders are cost-effective and easy to mount. They do not need to be installed with a separate air compression system or in a cylinder. Their design, with a separate air channel for the bellows, eliminates the need for air compression or filtering. Whereas the encoders are easy to reach for maintenance and control, they are also well protected by their robust encapsulation in anodized aluminium. 

Encoders for absolute position values

The encoders are tested for years, in harsh metal industry environments, where they are withstanding impact shocks, physical vibrations and signal interference, without compromising their measurement performance or losing data. They provide absolute position values via EnDat, SSI and other fieldbus interfaces when using together with a gateway solution. This is how these absolute position sensors help optimizing the production time, while securing the quality of the processed end product in the machine. High-end encoders minimize the material consumption for the whole production line. 

Technical data

Measuring range
Vibration 100 m/s2
Shock 2000 m/s2
Encapsulation level IP67
Temperature -10 ºC... +80 ºC
Interfaces EnDat 2.2/SSI (fieldbus interfaces communication available via gateway)
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