4000 Linear

Linear encoders from Leine Linde fit straight into the most demanding industrial environments and are very appreciated in steel mills and other metal processing industries. Length measuring and roll gap control become easy and reliable thanks to the high-resolution, very fast and accurate absolute position values received from robust inductive scanning, withstanding shock, heat and vibrations.

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RLA 4200

Absolute linear encoders with inductive scanning

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RLI 4300

Incremental linear encoders in stainless steel

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In the Linear 4000 series, there are both absolute and incremental encoder models. Also, the encoder connection can be made via a gateway, to gain access to even more fieldbus interfaces. This means freedom to choose the automation system and partner without the need for changing hardware. The linear encoders can be used directly with the systems of Siemens, Beckhoff, Rockwell, B&R and many others. When using a gateway, the fieldbus circuit can still be kept unbroken no matter how often a change of settings for the system is being made for the production unit. This improves both flexibility and stability in the production lines.

Technical data

Measuring length
Interfaces EnDat 2.2/SSI (absolute), 1 Vpp (incremental) (fieldbus interfaces communication available via gateway)
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