Linear encoder RLI 4300

Incremental linear encoders in stainless steel.

The well-proven incremental linear encoders in model RLI 4300 from Leine Linde are very appreciated in steel and metal industries, for their robustness and reliability. A linear position sensor in these applications has to be able to handle harsh environments and fast temperature shifts.

Linear measurement with diagnostics

The RLI 4300 encoders in stainless steel (1.4104) were developed together with steel plants as an answer to their need for a robust linear measurement system with high accuracy. The measuring system provides data to maintain control of the production process and by that the production quality of the hot steel strip. An ERG Gateway converts the sensors’ analogue signals to digital incremental signals for connection to a main control system. This is very useful also because the gateway provides surveillance of the sensor data, with LEDs, alarms, and other diagnostic functions. It can also offer full PROFIBUS connectivity for absolute positions, diagnostic data, and online system configuration. 

High accuracy and strong signals

The robust incremental linear encoders have an accuracy grade that enables 3 μm system accuracy. Their incremental signals can be transferred over a cable up to 150 meter to the gateway. ERG Gateway has an enclosure suitable for harsh environments and ingress protection class IP67.

Technical data

Measuring length
Vibration 500 m/s2
Shock 500 m/s2
Encapsulation level IP67
Temperature 0 ºC... +70 ºC
Interfaces 1 Vpp (fieldbus interfaces communication available via gateway)
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