MSI 593

– Developed for enhanced performance in automation

Optical scanning enable accurate, high-resolution measurement with high repeatability, often used with excellent results in many industrial applications. However, by nature, optical scanning is not always unaffected by pollution, making the encapsulation a critical part of such product designs. Violent shocks or severe vibration may risk affecting the code disc, for example if the encoder is dropped during installation, which can be avoided by alternative scanning technologies.

The use of inductive scanning enables us to create an encoder suited also for such extreme occasions. In any disturbing environment, improper handling or even when bad luck strikes, at least you can enjoy the silence from these MSI 5-series type of encoders as they keep on delivering measurement data, unaffected by dirt, vibration or “bad handling”.

  • Scanning is unaffected by contamination
  • Less sensitive to shock and vibration
  • Absolute position encoder with EnDat or SSI
  • Incremental HTL, TTL or RS-422 output
  • Solid shaft ø6 or ø10 mm, compliant with industry standard mechanical interfaces such as synchro or clamping flanges

The MSI 5-series of encoders are compliant with many of the standardized electrical and mechanical encoder interfaces available on the industrial automation market today.

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