2000 Bearingless

For large shafts, tight spaces and long durability

The Bearingless 2000 series consists of big hollow shaft incremental encoders, made for mounting directly on large rotating shafts or to fit perfectly with the NEMA standard C-face motors. The series can be equipped with one or two sensor heads for contactless reading of the signal with or without redundancy. 

The series also includes ATEX-/IECEx-certified products and ADS Uptime™ for built-in condition monitoring.

Technical data              
Diameter 25-1000 mm
Vibration 200 m/s2
Shock 1500 m/s2
Encapsulation level  IP67

MRI 2200 and 2300

Flange-mounted or Clamp-Fit mounted bearingless ring encoders for large shafts.

MRI 2850

Bearingless encoder model MRI 2850 is built to enhance high-horsepower electric motor performance …