MRI 2854

Hazardous area encoder with optional condition monitoring

The explosion-proof magnetic MRI 2854 encoder comes with a sturdy enclosure and a perfect fit for easy mounting onto standard NEMA 8.5” C-face motors. Resistant to high moisture, humidity, salt water and vibrations, and with non-contact scanning, it is practically immune to mechanical wear. This encoder also comes with an option to use data and diagnostics for condition-based maintenance.

The 2854 can be equipped with one or two scanning heads, with fixed mounting position. Therefore the customer can choose to achieve redundancy for safety critical systems or have separate signal types with two scanning heads.

Each scanning head can deliver up to six output signals plus optional diagnostic signals.

Listings and certifications:

  • cULus listed, with USL and CNL certificates
  • ATEX (Europe)
  • IECEx (Support national compliance worldwide)