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After 10 years of dependable service, an updated version of the popular ADS has now been launched. The new ADS Online is an advanced diagnostics tool that is tailored to supporting condition-based maintenance. The system analyses encoder condition and warns of impending faults before they occur. In this way, service can be performed only as necessary and planned in ample time to avoid unforeseen stops in production.

An encoder is often used in large complex machinery, such as wind power turbines or paper-making machines. It constitutes a central component for speed feedback, with the entire system being dependent on its function, and it is of the utmost importance that it is reliable at all times. The encoder is subjected to wear under use and must therefore be replaced at some point. But the exact service life is difficult to predict due to it being highly dependent on parameters in the encoder's environment. Temperature, operating speed and vibration are examples of factors that affect service life and that are unique for each installation. Depending on the ambient environment, an encoder's service life can consequently vary from a couple of years to a couple of decades.

A wind turbine is often difficult to access, and in many cases is located far out to sea. Unscheduled service is therefore extremely disadvantageous. High demands are placed on paper-making machines being in continual operation and any standstills cost a considerable amount of money. In both of these examples, the goal is to conduct maintenance during scheduled service, when the entire machine is inspected on a single occasion.

The new system has been developed in collaboration with Leine & Linde's customers. With the help of constructive feedback and common experiences from the previous version, a knowledge bank has been built up that has shaped the foundation of the new ADS Online.

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