New inductive 58 mm encoders!

Extended lifetime, smaller size or high performance in really extreme conditions? Our new M500 series will meet both current and future needs.

Challenging nut processing environment

A machine for drying and roasting nuts needed an encoder suitable for the very dusty environment created by nut processing.

Back on the exhibition floor – with product news!

Finally! At SPS (Smart Product Solutions) 2021 we will be back on the exhibition floor, bringing all the new products we developed during the covid-19 travel ban – including the world’s most robust 58 mm encoder.

Encoder to be replaced after 29 years

A Leine Linde encoder installed in Germany in 1992, eventually needed to be replaced in June 2021. The replacement request was handled by a Leine Linde product specialist only months older than the original encoder.

800 series encoders in stainless steel

Stainless steel incremental encoders can be used in applications where salty, humidity or aggressive chemicals are present, to avoid problems with corrosion.

Industrial encoder with 65 mm retrofit flange

This adapted encoder flange provides seamless retrofit of a Leine Linde absolute 600 series encoder to replace an encoder from another brand in a Korean steel production facility.

Continued support for CAN organization CiA

Leine Linde has renewed our membership in CiA (CAN in Automation), the non-profit user’s and manufacturer’s group developing and promoting CAN technologies.

Splash-proof stainless steel encoder

This encoder was designed for use in an environment where acidic splashes may occur. The stainless steel press-fit assembly is protected from liquid intrusion by a slight internal overpressure.

FSI 900 EnDat-liitännällä – turvallisuutta entistä helpommin

Leine Linden FSI 900 -pulssianturisarja on nyt varustettu EnDat-liitännällä, joka mahdollistaa tiedonsiirron erilaisten kenttäväyläliitäntäprotokollien kautta, mikä helpottaa entisestään integraatiota ohjausjärjestelmään.

Uudet magneettikehäanturit vaarallisiin ympäristöihin

Uudet magneettikehäanturit vaarallisiin ympäristöihin ja raskaaseen käyttöön. Akselikoosta 25 mm ylöspäin. Voidaan varustaa ADS Uptimella kuntoperusteista kunnossapitoa varten.

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