600 YAWMO®

Robust and versatile position measurement solution to monitor axis rotation in wind turbines and other large machines.

The 600 YAWMO® sensors are well known for providing reliable position feedback for the wind turbine’s yaw system. The position sensor 600 YAWMO® is based on the Leine Linde 600 series, which is a robust absolute encoder with  disturbance-free inductive scanning – resistant to vibrations, moisture, dust, heat and cold. 

To control the motion of a large axis, the 600 YAWMO® with pinion-wheel mounting provides very precise position data in real time. It can be adapted for different application-critical measurment functions, like the turret rotation positioning in mobile machines and cranes, the spreader rotation positioning in heavy cranes, and for the tower main position measurement in tower cranes.

Yaw and angle positioning

In wind turbines, the 600 YAWMO® detects the exact position of the nacelle and provides the position feedback into the azimuth control system (yaw system). Thereby, it is a crucial component for ensuring the nacelle positioning in the right angle to the wind. The sensor also have variants used for measuring the angle of the rotor blades (pitch system).

The robustness is an extremely well-known feature of this Leine Linde encoder, but its usability and customizability are also strong arguments for choosing it.

Versatile and compatible

Depending on the type of interfaces like PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen or DeviceNet the chosen sensor variant is programmable with functions such as preset and code sequence, supporting slave-to-slave and isochronous data exchange. PROFINET and other Ethernet-based fieldbus interfaces like EtherNet/IP or DRIVE-CLiQ are enabling wide opportunities for configurations of limits or ranges with regard to position values, speed, and acceleration. SSI, the Synchronous Serial Interface, provides serial digital point-to-point communication, whereas EnDat 2.2 is an extremely fast digital bidirectional interface, all to ensure compatibility with almost any kind of control system.

These tried and tested position sensors can be singleturn or multiturn. The multiturn versions also keep track of the number of rotations, which may be necessary in order not to exceed the twistability of cables and hoses.

Due to the used scanning technology for singleturn and multiturn, the absolute position information is also available after a power-off/power-on cycle. Functional safety certified solutions are also available, see for example the FSI 900 YAWMO®.

Pinion wheel customization

The 600 YAWMO® sensors can be delivered in customized form, with a normal pinion wheel, a backlash-free pinion wheel keeping the connection to the main gear even during the change of the rotation direction, and/or a mounting bracket. They are installed in the toothed ring of the yaw main gear. Minimize wear by optimizing the wind turbine yaw system for problem-free operation.


Technical data

Enclosure Anodized aluminium
Mounting brackets Aluminium, stainless steel
Temperature –40°C … +70°C
Operating height Max. 3000 m
Protection class IP67
Voltage supply 9 … 36 Vdc
System resolution 13 or 19 bit single-turn, 12 bit multi-turn
Fieldbus interfaces PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CANopen, DeviceNet, EnDat 2.2, SSI
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