Motion monitor and gateway (ERG Safeway)

Robust solution for complex motion monitoring applications.

Our Motion monitor product is a generic overspeed and position limit device. It is used to monitor the position and speed of a rotating axis, and upon detection of a breach of user configured limits, break up a circuit to stop a motor or to assert brakes. Thanks to its robust enclosure, it can be installed outdoor and in demanding conditions.

Main features

  • Several output signals integrated for position and speed thresholds

  • To convert EnDat 2.2 multiturn encoder signal to various fieldbusses

  • Supported fieldbusses: PROFIBUS, PROFINET

Technical data

Supply voltage
Input EnDat 2.2
Output PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Position, Speed, Alarm outputs
Encapsulation level IP 67
Temperature -40°C…+70°C
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