Functional safety integrated!

Simplify the encoder installation while making sure that speed, acceleration, and end positions keep within safe limits in a functionally safe manner, certified in accordance with SIL2/PLd category 3. Meet the new product from Leine Linde: FSI 900.

Leine Linde presents a brand new product series with integrated safe functions, the FSI series, where FSI means Functional Safety Integrated. FSI 900 monitors rotating movement, and acts immediately to make sure none of the set limits will be exceeded. Just like another absolute encoder, the product sends data to the control system, but unlike the ordinary encoder this product is by itself capable of maintaining the limits set by the user for safe functions.

The integrated safe functions in the FSI 900 are easily adapted to the demands for safety in the specific encoder application. Traditionally, separate components have been required in order to achieve monitoring and regulation of overspeed and end limits, but these functions will now be fully covered by FSI 900 alone. FSI 900 can also be used for monitoring safe acceleration and standstill. Thereby, the Machinery Directive for functional safety will be fulfilled – without the control unit of the system having to be safety certified.

After certification, the product fulfils the ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, IEC 61508, and IEC 61800-5-2 for safety in accordance with SIL2/PLd, category 3.