Encoder with retrofit mount

Leine Linde engineers enjoy coming up with solutions that simplify installation work. One of our customers were retrofitting XHI 893 encoders in a number of wind power generators. The previous encoders were of a different make, with a different mounting.

Wind power turbines are often located in hard to reach locations, and installation and maintenance work is made in a restricted space around 100 meters above ground, where it can be either very cold or uncomfortably hot. For this reason, everything that makes a retrofit easier is worthwhile.

The special retrofit mount provides seamless mounting of the Leine Linde encoder to replace Baumer encoders. The same mount can be used for retrofit of any Leine Linde 801 or 803 encoder in any heavy-duty application where a HOG encoder was previously installed. If you need a similar mount for another encoder model, we can design a custom solution for your case.

For assistance with retrofit solutions, contact your nearest Leine Linde sales office.