Mounting foot kit for encoders with Euro flange

Mounting equipment such as an encoder onto machinery that is subject to high-vibration can be challenging. The bolts used to mount the encoder may need to be checked and tightened frequently in order to ensure proper functionality over time. To solve this potential problem, Leine Linde supplied one of our customers with a mounting foot, attached to the encoder’s Euro flange. This way, the encoder can be mounted on any permanent structure next to the machine, where vibrations are less of an issue and the encoder – and its mounting – remains low maintenance.

The mounting foot kit includes:

  • A steel foot that fits a standard B10 Euro flange
  • The nuts and bolts needed to mount the encoder to the foot

This mounting solution fits all solid shaft Leine Linde encoders in the XSI 850 and PSE 900 series equipped with a B10 Euro flange. It can be used for any high-vibrating application.

A PSE 900 encoder with a mounting foot kit attached to the flange.

A PSE 900 encoder with a mounting foot kit attached to the flange.

The 800 series from Leine Linde features robust and reliable incremental encoders for heavy-duty applications. The 900 series includes absolute encoders that enable high-resolution feedback. Read more about the 800 and 900 series.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in this mounting foot, or any similar solution for your encoders.