Webinar: Monitor structural loads

Join us in the upcoming webinar about strain measurement to monitor structural loads using the Leine Linde ESR strain sensor. The ESR strain sensor enables fatigue-free, high resolution measurement in mechanical structures to prevent fatigue or overload. The ESR sensor is suitable in sheltered conditions as well as in harsh environments such as cranes, steel mills and wind turbines.

The ESR strain sensor provides:

  • High resolution measurement and very low signal noise
  • High sampling frequency
  • Digital interface for lossless data transmission
  • Easy installation and variants allowing re-usability

The webinar is scheduled on Wednesday, October 6. There will be two sessions to accommodate audiences from different time zones. Main speaker is Matthias Finke, Product Manager at Leine Linde.


  • Application examples
  • Understanding of the ESR technology
  • Knowledge of when to consider ESR strain sensors

We will conclude the webinar with a Q & A session.

Session 1

October 6, 09:00-10:00 CET (GMT+2)

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Session 2

October 6, 15:00-16:00 CET (GMT+2)

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